Spoilers! You were suppose to fix my mouth, not destroy it!

1/2/15 – Today I go in to have oral surgery. They’re pulling 4 teeth in addition to cutting out my wisdom teeth. I’m a little nervous about them pulling out my teeth. The orthodontist didn’t put brackets on the the ones being pulled. Sure enough, the other night a bracket came out. I was flossing and the floss wrapped around the hook (where the rubber bands will attach) of the bracket. Before I had even realized this, the bracket popped right into my hand, glue and all. I put it in a baggy to take with me on the 7th when they finally put in my wires. I’m going to tell them to be super, super careful when they go to pull the right teeth. I know they do this all the time, but I can just imagine getting home and looking in my mouth to see the wrong tooth gone!

I’ve done a lot to prepare for the pain and discomfort for after the surgery. I bought mashed potatoes, cream of chicken soup, tomato soup, pudding, and yogurt. I got out our ancient heating pad and wrapped it in a towel to keep it from burning my face. I also invested in two squirt bottles for water. Between my mouth being numb for a day and the “no sucking through a straw” rule, I think these are the best option for keeping hydrated. I also bought more dental wax. I don’t want the brackets bothering me on top of the stitches. I set up my Netflix list to include Law & Order SVU and Helix. I also prepared my bed with pillows to keep my head elevated during naps and sleeping per doctor’s orders (something about the blood draining?). I also bought Tylenol for when the pain medication is gone and I’m still hurting.

Wish me luck! I’m headed to the oral surgeon with my wonderful mother and brother who plan to mock me in my dizzy and “not-all-there” state.

1/7/15 – Surgery went well! I’m finally better enough to write a little update.

They pulled the right teeth! So that was a huge relief. I also slept an extra half hour after they turned off the anesthesia. Which was a little weird. I wasn’t out of my mind either. It almost makes me second guess those hilarious wisdom tooth videos…. I couldn’t talk at all. My mouth was stuffed with gauze and was completely numb. I couldn’t feel my tongue. I was also insanely thirsty so I was glad we had stopped to get bottled water (in a squirt bottle!) before we got to the office. I had to make hand motions for the first half hour of the car ride home to communicate with my mom and my brother. My brother thought this was hilarious. I was in a really good mood though. I also squirted the water all over myself, missing my mouth completely because I couldn’t feel the nozzle. (Cue more laughter from my brother.)

After an hour, I started to feel the pain. This wouldn’t have been an issue, but we had made it over half way home (it’s about a 45 minute drive to the oral surgeon) when my mom realized they had given us someone else’s prescription. We turned around and got the right one and dropped it off at the pharmacy. Because of the hour wait time, we decided letting my dad pick it up on his way home was the best option. After getting home and getting propped up with water and food, the pain was really getting to me. Luckily dad got home just in time.

Now the pain medicine definitely worked but it made me practically a baby. I was so dizzy, I was almost sure I was on a carousel so walking was a chore. I also never wanted to eat but I needed to or the medicine would make me nauseated. The steroids did their thing too but between the antibiotics (every 8 hours/3 a day), pain medication (every 4 hours), and steroids (every 6 hours), I didn’t get much sleep. I was constantly waking up to take another dose or eat.

Because the stitches are still in and I’m still in pain and unable to drive. I’ve pushed my date to get wires in to the next Wednesday, the 14th.

PS: GET SQUIRT BOTTLES! They are a life saver!

1/18/15 – Wires are in! And let me tell you, they hurt like hell. Take a Tylenol before you even walk in the door and take them as directed for the next few days because it feels like your teeth are being ripped out of your skull. And forget eating. Your teeth can’t touch without you howling in agony. I thought I was okay, having taken my Tylenol, eating soup for dinner that night… that I could eat a Reese’s cup. NO. Just don’t.

Wednesday was the worst day. My mouth hurt. I was confined to smoothies and soup again. Even brushing felt like I was ripping out each tooth. I didn’t even brave flossing.

Thursday was a tiny bit better. Still drinking smoothies and eating soup.

Friday I had had it. Mom had made pizza for dinner and I wanted it! So I took two small slices without the crust and cut them up really small and chewed on my back teeth. The warm cheese felt good and as long as I stayed on my back teeth, I could chew slowly without agonizing pain.

After Friday, I basically went back to eating solid foods but being very careful. I can’t use my front teeth at all but at least my teeth can touch! I’ve also completely cut out snacking. The wires make eating uncomfortable and I swear they eat more than I do. Every time I’ve put something in my mouth I’ve had to brush and floss. The spaces where my teeth are missing are a catchall. It’s gross and I don’t see how anyone goes without brushing after every meal.

I’m excited to say though that I can already see a huge difference in my bottom teeth from 4 days ago. These pictures are from 4 days ago (about 3 hours after the initial tightening). I’ll post more pictures on February 4th after the next tightening for you guys can see the progress.

Braces_011815Even though these things have been expensive and annoying and uncomfortable, I’ll finally be able to smile and show my teeth. This year (and a half?) cannot fly by fast enough for me!


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