Spoilers! Not Sure If You Should Get A Car… Or Get Braces.

12/12/14 – I went to the oral surgeon today. Not only was it a long wait (one and a half hours), but I also almost cried when they said how much it was going to be to get the 4 wisdom teeth plus the 4 additional teeth removed. $2,600. Up front. No payment plans. Now my lower wisdom teeth are (going to be?) impacted which jacks up the price per wisdom tooth. Added on to that is the 4 teeth ($$$) they will also pull while I’m under the anesthesia ($$$). All this stuff combined makes for a hefty price tag. This is going to be a grand total of $8,600. Almost as much as my car that I’m currently paying on!

After having a small freakout and cry session, I settled down and crunched some numbers. It’s more cost effective for me to pay the $2,600 than it is to have the wisdom teeth taken out then the other 4 teeth pulled by a dentist at a later date (for a cheaper price). Taking days off off work is going to put me in the hole with both my jobs. Plus healing time would be best this way as well. I’ll only have to heal once, and I can save myself from taking off more unpaid time from work.

Now I had two options for payment to the oral surgeon. There is a care credit card which pays for health related things (like vet, hospital, and dental bills) that you pay monthly with no interest as long as you never miss a payment. My other option was to use my own money to pay for it. I already used a portion of savings to put a down payment on my braces (about $1,400) and the bill will be $195 per month for 24 months. I still had some money in savings, some money in a retirement account I could take out (with a penalization from the government), plus a Christmas bonus from a job.

Rather than taking on another bill with the card, I have opted to pay for it myself. I scheduled the appointment for just after New Year’s Day. I’ll also be getting my wires put on the 7th of January if I’m all healed up.

I also tried a burger since getting the brackets put on. It was soft enough to bite into but I bit right into a bottom bracket. It’s still on and isn’t loose, but I’ve been more careful with my food since then. Instead of biting into the hamburger, it’s best to pinch off small bites. After a long time pinching off bites of my burger, I was too tired/full to try my fries.

Side note: DO NOT get brackets put on before having teeth pulled/wisdom teeth cut out. It’s simply annoying, and the wires aren’t on to help straighten your teeth anyway. Waste of time to do it this way even when the orthodontist tells you it’s the best way! It’s not. I promise. I’m going a month with hardly eating hard foods because of the stupid brackets and they aren’t even doing anything.


12/14/14 – A short update on the brackets: dental wax is your best friend. The hooks that stick out for the rubber bands that I don’t have yet are constantly ripping my cheeks open when I smile, talk, and eat. Wax gives me so much relief. I’ve getting a little used to not using as much wax since the first day but I always put it on the hooks before I go to sleep. It saves you from holes in your cheeks when you wake up.

Yesterday I had meat for the first time since having the glue put in my upper molars and the brackets on. I drooled. My dad was sweet enough to cut my pieces extra small and thin. I highly recommend doing this as it is so easy to chew and enjoy. I also had skillet potatoes cooked extra soft and cooked carrots. I told my parents it was the best meal I had ever eaten and I wasn’t lying!

That morning I also got to enjoy pancakes. Pancakes are so soft that they don’t normally need to be chewed but I used them to gently chew/mash in my back molars to test how the glue felt and to get used to chewing. I’m glad I did this because I was ready for the meat that night at dinner.

Before then I had been living on instant (real) mashed potatoes (Betty Crocker’s cup potatoes and Idaho’s cup potatoes are pretty delicious, and you can make this easily at work with water and the microwave), Go-gurt, pudding, grits, and Chef Boyardee’s ravioli’s and Spaghettios with meatballs. It doesn’t sound healthy, but I’ve cut back on almost all snacking unless I have a small snack cake immediately after a meal (which isn’t often since I’m eating slower and becoming full faster).

No updated pics. No wires until January.


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