Catherine is Full of Sexy Girls, Terrifying Puzzles, and Existential Crisis [Review]

Catherine is by far one of the weirdest yet most addicting games I have ever played. I wanted it as soon as it came out simply because I’m all for choice-making games and puzzles that make you think. This game definitely not for kids though as innocent as puzzles sound. Just peek the artwork below….

I’m sure by now you know how much I love a good romance, but you know what spoils it? A love triangle. So… who will you choose? Katherine or Catherine or Rin?


Brief intro: You are Vincent, a 32-year-old office worker, and you have a girlfriend named Katherine, a 32-year-old mid-management level employee. You’re at your favorite bar drinking and contemplating marriage with Katherine who has been dropping heavy hints about commitment when you meet Catherine (yeah, you heard that right), a very mysterious woman who seems way too good to be true.

Soon after meeting Catherine (and waking up in your bed with her), you begin having terrible nightmares. You are climbing blocks along with sheep (yep, sheep!) and sometimes running for your life from scary monsters while climbing up these giant puzzles made of blocks. After waking, you soon learn there are men in your neighborhood dying in their sleep from horrific dreams that they can’t remember… Uh oh.

The drama doesn’t end there if you decide to also buy the remake: Catherine: Full Body. While on your way home from your favorite bar you “save” a cute girl named Rin who becomes your neighbor and the new pianist at the bar! Yet another love interest? If you want Rin, you’ll have to work harder than ever. Just like a full bodied wine, the enhanced Catherine: Full Body has been kicked up a notch in content, sexiness, and depth. But let’s dig into this review for Catherine.

Review: This game is freaking awesome. There’s so many different endings you can get so there’s ample play time in it for you. There are 8 endings surrounding 3 narratives. But what really gets me is the philosophical (and sometimes simple questions) you have to answer that help determine what kind of ending you get. You really start to learn about yourself as a person. These questions also lead to who you ultimately end up with, Katherine or Catherine (or Rin if you are playing Full Body) or none.

Catherine is really a one-of-a kind game with the puzzles you complete by climbing, pushing, pulling and running from your fears. Also, the game play outside the nightmare puzzle is just as good. You can check your cellphone, receive texts, and pictures. You can play the arcade machine “Rapunzel” which helps your puzzle skills on a smaller scale, but don’t be fooled. You can only play so many times a night and will NOT win through your first play-through of Catherine. It gets steadily more difficult. You can also chat with the bar-goers and get more information on the nightmares and other men. You can influence these NPC’s which is something most games don’t allow a player to do. All of theses things affect your ending: answering texts a certain way, staying home or going out, texting Catherine or Katherine or Rin. Everything has an impact.

The artwork during the “cut scenes” is very much like anime, but the gameplay is its own 3D anime-like style. I really liked it personally, but anyone seeking games that are realistic, may not find the artwork that enjoyable. The music is also very lovely. I got a deluxe package of Catherine that included an art book and the sound track. Beautiful images (though very sexual in nature) and really awesome music on top of that. And you know what else? IT’S TWO-PLAYER! You and a friend can run through the puzzles together. How cool is that?

Bottom Line: Catherine really is a great game, but it’s not for kids. There’s heavy sexual content and language as well as the use of alcohol, blood, and violence; however, it’s original and something everyone can relate to. If you want something that’ll have you in tears/ laughing/just feeling something, Catherine is it.

Official Rating: M

Genre(s): Adventure, Puzzle Platform

Score: 5 out of 5 stars!

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4 thoughts on “Catherine is Full of Sexy Girls, Terrifying Puzzles, and Existential Crisis [Review]

    1. It’s on both PS3 and Xbox 360 so if you’ve got it on Xbox 360, you’re set! It is in the PlayStation store but only for PS3. Atlus is releasing Catherine: Full Body on PS4 which is supposed to be a remake of Catherine but featuring three “Catherines” as well as a slew of new episodes and other content. There’s no release date yet for the US but if you wanted to wait, that’d be a good time to snatch up a PS4 version.

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